All of our textboxes on the page are causing search to come up

We have a search box up top with the class properly set but now any time we enter text into any form field and hit enter it brings up the search window. Help!

Is there a rough timeframe when one can expect an answer on this forum? I want to make sure that I set my expectations accordingly since we had to pull down the Swiftype solution and put our old one back in for now.

Hi there,

There is no specific SLA for the community forum. If there’s greater urgency, we recommend that you open a case through the support portal or by emailing Elastic support directly with information about your engine and any other specifics.

For this particular case, please also provide a URL to a staging page where the behavior described can be replicated. That will help us to determine what the issue might be, but as it stands my hunch is that there’s a conflict with a non-Swiftype related script in your search engine results page.

The Swiftype embed script should only lock into inputs that contain the specific class or ID element defined in the installation configuration flow.

Also, in the off-chance your site is built with .NET this thread might be helpful: Using the JavaScript embed with Forms - #3 by cpatton

Hi. I had submitted a ticket through the email system and when I didn’t hear back I added this too. I am working with the email support folks so you can close this one out if you like. BTW, is there a response SLA for the email system? Thanks!