App Search + AutoComplete


We just signed up for the App Search Pro plan and have a process in place to load our engines via the API calls. It is working great. My question is how do we implement AutoComplete (typeahead sentence completion) with App Search? Getting a front end AutoComplete tied into our site isnt a huge deal - there are lots of jQuery examples out there. But we are having difficulty getting CONTENT for it. We dont want to do just a regular API search call, because that isnt what we are looking for. For example, when searching for computer electronics if I type “US” I would expect the typeahead/autocomplete to suggest the following options “USB mouse”, “USB keyboard”, “USB optical drive”, etc… I dont know how we would get those suggestions. We would not want to call the API search because all that is going to do is do a search on “US” and return X number of documents that match that.

Has anyone here on the App Search plan implemented AutoComplete / typeahead for their site?