Can the Swiftype Search WordPress plugin restrict faceted search using multiple terms?

Is it possible to combine facets in your Swiftype WordPress search plugin?

Example: I have some custom_type which has custom_tax1 and custom_tax2 as taxonomy. Is it possible to run a query filtering custom_tax1 AND custom_tax2?

I tried to combine the facets in the URL, but it doesn’t work. (e.g., q?st-facet-field=legal&st-facet-term=SA&st-facet-field=object_type&st-facet-term=company)

At this time the Swiftype Search WordPress plugin only supports a restricting faceted search when using a single field. You can see where this is done in the get_posts_from_swiftype function in case you want to update your plug-in installation to enable that functionality.

Additionally, pull requests are always welcome!