Does Swiftype work with Statamic?



I currently have a website built on a Statamic platform, we implemented swiftype and no matter what I do it only crawls one page. Once we got it to crawl other pages, but then it skipped the one page it crawled initially. Is there something specific you need to do for a Statamic based site?


Hey, Margaret!

Hmm, could I trouble you for a link to your site? We aren’t aware of any compatibility issues with the Statamic platform, but I’d be glad to look further into this for you.

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Hi C,

Unfortunately this is an internal website that I can’t share. Wondering if maybe I should just try re-deploying swiftype at this point? I don’t think I know where to start to take it all down to do a clean deploy though.
I’m glad there isn’t a compatibility issue, I’ll look a little deeper at how we deployed swiftype to make sure its not an error on our side.



Hmm, that’s definitely something you can try. If the site is password protected, the crawler might have trouble indexing any content, in which case you may need to switch to using an API-based engine.

If you need any additional help with troubleshooting, feel free to reach out to us directly at

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