Does the Swiftype WordPress plugin work with the qTranslate plugin?

We use qTranslate on our blog. Is the Swiftype WordPress plugin compatible?

The Swiftype WordPress plugin does not natively support qTranslate at this time.

qTranslate works by including multiple versions of the content within the body of the post. All of this content will be indexed together by Swiftype.

There is a chance that this will work acceptably, because the Swiftype WordPress plugin uses your search results template to render results. So, results would likely display in the correct language. However, it is possible that you would see a spurious match due to a term being found in a different-language version of the same content.

The other issue with using Swiftype and qTranslate together is Swiftype’s autocomplete will show the title of the matching post in the primary language.

To work around this, you could disable autocomplete by removing this line:

add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', array( $this, 'enqueue_swiftype_assets' ) );

from the class-swiftype-plugin.php file.