Load without a stylesheet, or use a custom stylesheet?



I have a few questions about our Swiftype search engine, live test version available here.

  1. I quickly hacked in some basic CSS. Is it possible to load swiftype with no CSS, the way Google GSS V1 API used to let you, and then use your own stylesheet?

  2. Better yet, is it possible to customize the output entirely? I don’t like how the first line and second line of the description is separate with a •, I would prefer a



Hey there, Maurice!

You can use the your own CSS styling with our Search Embed by selecting the following options when configuring the Search Field options in the Dashboard:

Yes, my site has an input field
I am unable to add this class

Complete customization of how Search results are displayed can be acheived with our jQuery Search and Autocomplete plugins.

Hope that helps!