Result based on no.of matching search query

When we search the two words, like “events in the city”. It will get the result which is matching event or city. We need to show the result like below,

  1. It needs to show best match. For ex, which content contains the whole sentence " events in the city ". It needs to show first in search results.
  2. Then we can show the search result which is matching events or city.

Hey G,

Depending on your engine’s Weight configuration for the field that contains the entire phrase events in the city, the scoring of the final results can vary.

By default, the relevancy algorithm should favor exact phrase matching. Based on what you described, it sounds as though there may be a higher importance placed on fields that contain significant partial matches.

Any application of field boosting can affect result output as well. For specific questions related to your engine(s) and use case, please write into support with as much context and detail as you can provide. Thanks!