Why is description text for search results pulling info from my footer and/or nav?

Many of the description under the link is copyright information over and over. Or, it is putting all of the navigation into the description.

Swiftype attempts to extract relevant content from your pages, but sometimes we don’t do a perfect job.

However, you can customize how the Swiftype crawler extracts content from your pages with the content inclusion or exclusion feature.

For example, if you have footer text you don’t want included, add the data-swiftype-index="false" attribute to the containing element.

It depends on your page, but this might look a little like this:

<div class="footer">
&copy; 2013 Mysite.com

After adding the data-swiftype-index="false" attribute to the footer div, our crawler will ignore that content during indexing.

<div class="footer" data-swiftype-index="false">
&copy; 2013 Mysite.com
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