Word In Title of a Post Not showing Up In Swiftype Search

I have a post called 'Review Of The Electro-Voice RE20 Dynamic Microphone." And yet, when I do a search on my site for “RE20” it does not find that post.

Usually it works really well. Anyone else have this problem?


Hey Ken,

Are you able to locate the result document from either the Preview or Manage > Contents section of your Swiftype dashboard? If not, it’s possible that the post might not have been indexed for some reason.

A quick test would be to click to edit the post from your WP admin and then click save. This should trigger the Swiftype plug-in to update or create a result in your search engine. Once you’ve done so, check the Swiftype dashboard again and let us know what you find/don’t find.

Hi Mike,

That worked! I just went to the edit screen and saved it and it turned up in the search window. Cool, thanks!