Backend Admin API


Does Swiftype provide an API from some of the backend admin functions? For example is there a way to add synonyms through an API instead of having to log into the admin page?


Great question! There’s not currently an API for feature functions such as managing result customizations or synonyms.

We do plan on enhancing our API endpoints in the future. I’ll be happy to log a feature request for this and any other specific asks you might have. :slight_smile:


Yes, please :slight_smile:
We have a list containing several hundreds of synonyms and adding this one by one is … well, you know.
An API for this or a simple importer would be great.


Ingestion of synonyms is something we can potentially assist you with, and also consult on how the synonym list could be optimized. Swiftype’s approach to synonym handling is more relational than directional, so there are many cases where the granularity of synonyms as they might have been required for GSS aren’t necessary.