Can I do a "range" filter on _score?

I’d like to perform a search, but only get back search results that have a score greater-than 0.5 for instance? I don’t want to get search results where the score is so low. I’d rather just not even have them come back in the JSON payload. Is this possible?

  "filters": {
    "book": {
      "_score": {
        "type": "range",
        "from": 0.5,
        "to": 10

Hey Dan!

It’s not currently possible to include a range filter for _score value within a request. Options for base threshold limiting on result score is something we’ve looked into previously and even worked with a customer on efforts to custom implement host side. However, we ran into many complexities that quickly diluted the efficacy of a seemingly straight forward concept.

Reach out to support through your Swiftype dashboard with some more details on what you have in mind for your specific use case and we’ll see what solutions we might be able to conjure up together.