How to create a "NOT BETWEEN" range filter?


I tried filtering a set of documents where a fields value is not between 2 values.
Is this possible? I guess it had to be a negated range filter but couldn’t find any hints about this.


Hey Stefan,

You could try making use of a ! operator for the value to filter by. If that still doesn’t work, please post an example of the request being made in this thread.


Hi, thanks for your quick reply.
Unfortunately it isn’t working using the ! operator.

Here is my document type (stripped to the essential basics):

    "id": "5abb6041a1f2531bf43d7a39",
    "name": "entity:node",
    "slug": "entity-node",
    "engine_id": "5ab0d4a914cc8a29f8ddcda5",
    "updated_at": "2018-03-28T09:28:48Z",
    "document_count": 7,
    "field_mapping": {
      "external_id": "enum",
      "updated_at": "date",
      "index_id": "string",
      "s_title": "text",
      "s_created": "date",
      "s_status": "enum",
      "s_body": "text",
      "s_field_article_score": "integer",

And here the request i make:

  "auth_token": "***",
  "q": "",
  "fetch_fields": {
    "entity-node": [
  "filters": {
    "entity-node": {
      "s_field_article_score": {
        "type": "range",
        "from": "!0",
        "to": "!4"

I expected to see 3 results (“s_field_article_score”: -10, -3, 10).