Does Swiftype index anchor tag URLs when crawling a page?

While the crawler based engine doesn’t crawl existing anchor tag URLs and associate them with the parent page result document, by default a crawled page will make note of any section headings wrapped in h tags. These section headings will be stored in the ‘sections’ field of your results as an array of searchable values. As long as the sections field is included in your engine’s Weights settings, clicking a result match from the autocomplete dropdown will jump to that section of the result page.

The Swiftype Search Plugin for WordPress has an automated indexing mechanism that directly passes the content of your WordPress site’s wp_posts table in order to build your search engine results. There’s currently no built in feature that will easily enable you to create new result documents for anchor tag specific URLs, however you have the option of customizing the plug-in’s code to add that functionality for your site.

If building your search engine using Swiftype’s Developer API, you can create unique result documents with url field values that point directly to a nested anchor URL.