How do I index custom taxonomies?

I am using a custom post type which is being indexed properly, but I need to also search for keywords within my custom taxonomies (for ex. I have a custom taxonomy called “Project Tags” which behaves similarly to normal tags but is only for tags on my custom post type “Project”).

Is there a way to get Swiftype to index custom taxonomies?

This can be accomplished by adding the following code to your WordPress theme’s functions.php and then resynchronizing the Swiftype plug-in.

function swiftype_search_params_filter($params) {
    $params['search_fields[posts]'] = array('terms^10', 'title^1');
    return $params;
add_filter('swiftype_search_params', 'swiftype_search_params_filter');

function swiftype_document_builder_filter($document, $post) {
    $term_names = array();
    $taxonomy_names = get_object_taxonomies($post);
    foreach($taxonomy_names as $taxonomy) {
        $terms = get_the_terms($post - > ID, $taxonomy);
        if (is_array($terms)) {
            foreach($terms as $term) {
                array_push($term_names, $term - > name);
    $document['fields'][] = array('name' => 'terms', 'type' => 'string', 'value' => $term_names);
    return $document;
add_filter('swiftype_document_builder', 'swiftype_document_builder_filter', 8, 2);

If your WordPress theme is heavily customized, it might require some additional modifications, but you should find it compatible with Swiftype Plug-in versions 1.1.34 or higher.