Help! I accidentally cleared my Swiftype Search WordPress configuration. Is there a way to restore it?

Yes, this is possible. However, it requires editing your WordPress database, which can be potentially dangerous.

WARNING: Directly editing your WordPress database can severely break it. We recommend against doing this in general. If you do need to edit your WordPress database, be sure to make a backup first.

To re-connect the Swiftype Search WordPress plugin to an existing engine, you will need the following pieces of data:

  • Your API Key. You can find this on the Account Settings page.
  • Your Engine Key. You can find this on the Engine Overview page.
  • Your Engine Slug. You can find this on the home page of the Swiftype Dashboard.

Once you’ve collected these, insert the following keys and values into the wp_options table of your WordPress database:

swiftype_api_key                [Your API Key]
swiftype_api_authorized         1	
swiftype_engine_name            [Your Engine Name]	
swiftype_engine_slug            [Your Engine Slug]	
swiftype_engine_key             [Your Engine Key]	
swiftype_engine_initialized     1

To insert these values, you can use the MySQL command line client, or a web-based interface such as phpMyAdmin.

Note that swiftype_num_indexed_documents is used in the WordPress user interface but does not actually affect how the plugin works.