How can I use Swiftype with my site built in Adobe Muse CC?

I’m building my site with Adobe Muse CC. How can I install Swiftype search?

There are two ways to install Swiftype into your site built with Adobe Muse CC once you’ve created an engine in Swiftype and crawled your site.

If you’re a Muse Themes customer and using their supplied widget, you can copy your engine key and add it to the Swiftype widget options panel in Muse. You’ll find your engine key from the engine Overview tab. To make sure you’re on the correct page look for /overview in your browser’s URL bar.

Otherwise, you can install Swiftype by using the Insert HTML module found under the Object menu in Muse.

Once you’ve added that object to your site you can paste in your embed script that we provide you under the Install tab in Swiftype.

Note that if your Muse site does not currently have a search box, you can find one on the Swiftype install page when selecting the My website needs a search field configuration.

Additional information on how to use the Insert HTML object in Muse, as well as a walkthrough of our configurable embed widget can be found through the following links:

Embedding HTML content in Adobe Muse

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