Swiftype Integration with Adobe Muse CC

Hi everyone,

Muse-Themes.com used to offer a widget that allowed you to place a site search bar into Adobe Muse that connected to your Swiftype search engine. This no longer seems to be available. I’ve just redesigned my Muse site, and would like to keep using Swiftype as my site search engine, although now there seems to be no way to actually import the search engine into the site. Muse allows you to place objects generated by HTML code, but Swiftype only gives me Javascript. When I paste this code into Muse, I get an object that says “Unable to generate thumbnail” and it does not appear when I preview / export the site. Does anyone have a workaround? Am I missing something?


The Insert HTML Object within Muse should still allow you to add both the JavaScript snippet and input/result containers.

While we’re unable to support Adobe’s product functionality directly, if you post some additional information such as the version of Muse you’re using, and any additional context (such as screenshots of where you’re including the code snippet, and what you’re seeing when the page is published) the community can try to assist.

Also, I’ll work on updating the following article to remove the reference to the third-party Muse Themes widget if it’s no longer available. How can I use Swiftype with my site built in Adobe Muse CC?