Prevent results from linking to "sections"

We have a website that is set up in Adobe Muse. Unfortunately, we’re experiencing a problem with the search results where they are automatically linking to certain sections of a page instead of simply opening the page itself. This is wreaking havoc with the code from Muse as it’s creating links that Muse says don’t exist and results in an error message popping up before the page loads.

An example of such a URL would be

We really need everything following the “html” suffix to not appear in the link. Is there any way to prevent Swiftype from creating these secondary links and instead have it just open the pages without attempting to scroll to a section?

Hi there,

While it’s not possible to disable that jump-to functionality for the autocomplete specifically. Do you happen to be using the Swiftype module created by MuseThemes? That module uses an older version of the Swiftype embed script and could potentially be creating conflicts with other JavaScript resources you have loaded on the page.

If using MuseThemes, I’d recommend following up with their community and support forum for additional assistance. Another option that would allow you more control is to use the latest version of the Swiftype embed as provided from the Dashboard. You can do so using the Insert > HTML object within Muse.

That way you could have additional flexibility with where the script loads in relation to the rest of the assets on the page.

We’ve some additional overview here: How can I use Swiftype with my site built in Adobe Muse CC?

I unfortunately have the same problem. I replaced the MuseThemes app with the HTML code a long time ago but that didn’t help. Today I replaced the HTML code with “todays code”, but that still didn’t solve the problem with “sts” links.

Are there any other suggestions?