Linking Search Results to Third-Party Sites


Is there a way to create search results (and link to content outside of site) for content that doesn’t exist on our website? For example, we don’t sell a particular product but we have a partnership with another company that does. We have a pretty good list of search results with zero results. Can we create custom search results with links to third-party sites or do we need to make landing pages of these search terms to link to within Swiftype?



Were you ever able to figure this out?


It’s possible to create such results with API-based engines. API-based engines allow you to create a result document for just about anything.

With the Crawler, you would have to create a landing page. You could, however, use a timed redirect via the refresh meta tag (or using JavaScript), to redirect users to a 3rd party. Swiftbot just needs to be able to index the landing page without being redirected by the server.