How to get data on click-throughs?



Is there an API I can call, to get the trending click-throughs?

Basically like trending search terms, but this one would return objects that were actually clicked on.

I need an API for this, so I can use it in my app. The web-dashboard won’t do.


Hey Dan,

There’s this endpoint:

However the response might not be as verbose as you’d like. We do have API enhancements on our long term roadmap.


Well, what I’m really looking for is the inverse of the “log_clickthrough” call.

When I record the clickthrough, I’m passing in the document_type (it’s part of the URL) and the id - which is the external_id (a reference to my data that I’m familiar with).

So, I’d basically like to have a call that is “get_clickthroughs”, with an optional date-range as a parameter. It would either return the list of objects of type “document-type” (like what you see when you do a search), or just a list of the top id values that were clicked-through (like “top queries”, but external-ids, instead of search terms).

So, basically, I’m asking for “trending clicked on”.


Ah, gotcha! We unfortunately don’t have such an endpoint at this time. I’m going to pass your feedback on to the product team, though. Thank you for providing additional detail. :slight_smile:


OK, fair enough.

But just to a nag (sorry, not sorry!) I’d just like to point out that this data is available when I go to the dashboard at If I log in, I can see results for “Most Commonly Clicked Documents from Search”. So, that data is already there, it would be awesome if an endpoint could expose that data.



I completely agree, and used that factuality as the basis for my case internally. :slight_smile:


Hi Mike. It’s been almost a year since we talked about this, but is there any further movement on this?