Is there a way to prioritize domains?



Is there a good way to organize my search results depending on the site field? My engine contains pages from three different domains and I would like to get all results from one of the domains first (preferably without manually having to rank every single article).

You certainly can! First, add a meta tag called something like “site-priority” and assign an integer value for each domain. Once we’ve recrawled your domains, you can control the relevancy from our dashboard’s weights tab.

The meta tag should look something like:

<meta class="swiftype" name="site-priority" data-type="integer" content="3" />

As an example, use the value 3 for high priority and 1 for lower priority sites. Make sure we recrawl your sites.

On the Swiftype weights tab you can now adjust how much site-priority affects relevancy.

  1. Choose the new site-priority field as a field to adjust relevancy.

  2. Adjust the impact slider from 0 to 1.

This means Swiftype will now consider site-priority as a factor in your result relevance score when searching. If you’d like the site-priority field to have even more impact, adjust the slider to a higher value.