Sitemap not working for pages with locale-suffix


i have multiple pages being indexed by Swiftype, most work just fine.
Two of my Pages have localized versions like and I configured them as this as the domains for the url in the engine.
But now it seems that the Swiftype crawler does not find my sitemap.xml under$locale/sitemap.xml which makes parts of the Page not being indexed.
Since there are a lot of additional pages being fed by the same site, i cant just add the sitemap.xml to the robots.txt because then i would have to add a blacklisting to all other pages. My code does not allow me to generate a sitemap.xml for the base domain, because of heavy localization.
Anyone got an idea how to resolve my dilema?

Thanks for reading this,

Hi Chris,

It looks like you followed up directly through our other support channels, but I wanted to check to see if you’d any outstanding questions. Thanks!

Hi Mike,

i am being helped by the support, quite well i may add.
There are still problems (one of those 2 pages is now working as intended) but im confident that we will manage those as well.

A manual way to add a sitemap would be a feature i would very much love to have :slight_smile:

Best wishes,