Slow response to indexing on free trial app-search engine



I setup a free trial app-search engine and a small program that sends indexing request to the endpoint. And this works as expected: I get 200-response with json containing the id’s of the docs I sent in.

The problem is it seems to take anywhere from a few seconds up to 90 minutes before the docs actually ends up in the index. I’ve only sent a single request of less than 1KB body and waited for docs to end up in index before sending a new request. I also tried adding a doc by pasting json in the admin-ui for app-search, which also took about an hour before endring up in the index, so I don’t think there is any issue with my requests.

Is this expected responsiveness on a free trial engine (or might there be some performance issue with the engine/endpoint I was given)? Can I expect the same on a subscribed engine too?