Using Swiftype with WordPress and GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart

I am building a site using WordPress for static pages and blog, and also adding a GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart as a sub-domain ( and, for example). I want a search which I can use across:

  • WordPress Pages
  • WordPress Posts
  • GoDaddy dynamically-generated content

I would also like the search results to be styled like the site. Will Swiftype plug-in for WordPress allow me to search both WordPress content and GoDaddy content?

Swiftype can search both a WordPress site and another site, but to do this, you must use our web crawler and not the Swiftype WordPress plugin.

Create a new crawler-based search engine with your first URL (e.g.,, then click on the Domains tab in the Swiftype dashboard to add your second URL (e.g., Once Swiftype has indexed your pages, you will have a search engine that searches both domains.

Swiftype has a few default installation types that are easy to get working with any site. See our install types video for examples.

However, you are not limited to only our defined styles. If you are comfortable with CSS and JavaScript, you can re-style the default install types or build a completely custom search results experience using our jQuery plugin or Web Components libraries.