Adding a Subdomain

Hi, I would like to add a couple of sub domains to my engine. I have tried following the instructions:

However I cannot see any ‘Add domain’ button:

Please could you advise?

Also it is possible for the engine to only return search results for the sub domain in which the user is located. eg. When a user searches it only returns results from the user guide and when they search it only returns results from the blog?


Hi Glyn!

It looks as though this particular engine was created using the platform API via the Cloudflare app. The Cloudflare app is only able to be run against the exact domain that’s configured to your Cloudflare instance. There is also some otherwise squirrelly behavior due to the Swiftype app for Cloudflare no longer being actively supported. Also, we are actually in the process of working towards deprecating the app altogether. I’m sorry for the bad news on that front.

To have access to the full suite of features Swiftype has to offer you’ll want to sign up directly through Swiftype

Ok, thanks for letting me know. I will sign up directly. Out of interest, why stop supporting the CF app? CF is a growing platform with lots of users, surely it would be great for you to enable CF users to have a single click access to enable your platform on their site.

Wow, just seen your prices. Out of the question for a small business :frowning:

By and large, the inability to do so properly in addition to the shift of customer market focus.