Discourse and Swiftype integration



Hey there! We are currently trying to expand our MetaTag usage on our Discourse forum that is using Swiftype. Seeing as you folks use Discourse as well for your Community, we were hoping you could give us some insight on making the most out of Discourse and Swiftype’s unity. Do you recommend a specific plugin or altering core code to achieve the desired functionality? Thanks in advance!


In order to add the Swiftype meta tag to the auto generated Discourse meta tags you just need to alter the core code slightly:


Thanks @kevin.mccauley for the feedback. After a team discussion, we would prefer to lean more towards a plugin to implement this. Is this something your team would like to collaborate on together?


Hey James. We presently do not have the bandwidth to dedicate time to this, but I’d be interested to see what you come up with. We only needed to figure out a way to turn the auto generated Discourse meta descriptions into Swiftype meta descriptions.