How to associate meta tag field in search result in configuration?

With out-of-box customize appearance search result content on Swiftype account dashboard, there is only a list of fields to select from. But we’d like to use the page description, which is tagged by meta tag name=“description”, for the secondary attribute, same as what GSS do. The default section randomly provide a few words from the page, not ideal. However cannot find option to include the meta tag in the drop down list. Has anyone have any ideas to accomplish this with configuration? Please help!

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I too, would like to know if this is possible, as I am currently working towards a resolution of this issue using the jQuery plugin.

Thanks for reply. Will you please elaborate your solution?
I was thinking add the class=“swiftype” for the meta tag on our page templates, since the engine cannot crawl on our test environment, I’m not sure if it will work out. and it is too late for our deployment schedule.

I have no solution yet, I am just testing various things right now, none of which have worked out yet.

However, if you are trying to reference the meta tags in the same origin, and you’re using jQuery, you can do something like:

var theHref = jQuery(this).find(‘a’);
var theNewHref = theHref.attr(‘href’);
function(data) {
console.log("meta description: " + jQuery(data).find(‘meta[name=description]’).attr(“content”));

Hope that helps

Thank you for sharing your solution, that make sense. Thought you are trying the API. However for us right now, since it still need to goes into release, which is out of option now.

Hey gang,

Custom swiftype metatags are the recommended solution if you have template level controls. If you do not, and need to capture the standard description or keywords meta data, please reach out to the support team via your Swiftype dashboard. We’ll be able to assist further from there.

Hi Mike, i has started with sending message to support team via dashboard 2 days ago, but get no respond at all. Not very thrilled about this experience. so regarding the topic, are you saying there is nothing else can be done via configuration on dashboard other than modify our pages with swiftype metatags? which would be too late for our situation.

Hi Christine,

I just checked the help center and saw that we replied to you within hours of receiving your initial message (though the understanding of the context might not have been clear).

I’m sorry you didn’t receive this response. Please check your spam/junk folder to see if it wound up there and whitelist the domain with your mail client and server.

We’ll also reply to your follow up message in the help center today.

Thank you for helping Mike. But I double and triple checked, not getting any email from support team, nor any notification from dashboard. I’ll ask our network to see if it has been blocked somewhere.

Hi Mike, our email server admin finally able to release the support emails for me, it comes from

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That’s super helpful to know. Thanks, Christine!

We’re in the midst of updating our support portal process, so this shouldn’t be an issue for much longer. Fingers crossed the new changes don’t lead to a new one. :grimacing:

Is there a reason why the meta description was not included in the available tags for the attributes? Surely most sites coming to Swiftype have meta descriptions ready to use, and I would prefer to just use this as the primary attribute with no secondary attribute a required field as it is now.

Solid question, Adam! It was an early design decision that’s for sure due to be enhanced. There’s an open item on our roadmap to update the crawler to automatically capture legacy description & keywords metatags if present in the markup.

Meanwhile, we recommend implementing Swiftype metatags for crawler based indexing.

Ok thanks.

I cannot implement third party metatags owing to CMS limitations so I will wait for the crawler and UI update to include these.


@mike_w any further news on this? We are also tied into a CMS and would prefer to use the general Description metatag.