How to correctly add an image to a search result using the meta tag on a page

When I add the meta tag to a page to have a thumbnail image display on the search results page, should I use the full link to the image such as:
<meta class='swiftype' name='image' data-type='enum' content='' />

I tried the above as a test page but the thumbnail image does not display on the search results page. I’m doing this after I have configured and activated the search engine. Is that where the problem lies?

The meta tag syntax in this example is correct, though here are some steps you can try to diagnose problems getting images to display when using meta tags:

  • Make sure you are using the full URL to the image in your meta tag.

  • Check that the page is indexed in the search engine (you can search for it by URL)

  • Check that the latest content on the page is indexed in the search engine. You can compare the data on your live site to what is in your search index on the document page.

If your URL is not found or the content is out of date, you can add it to your search engine by selecting Options > Reindex from the page Details view.