Meta tag for multi-value string field

We’re trying to make an enum field searchable. Since the documentation states that only string and text are searchable, we’re creating a new field with type string that has multiple values.

We’ve set this field via the API and see the field value as an array in API responses.

However, nothing appears in the search results, even if its an exact match to what’s shown in the field API responses.

Why might this be the case? Is there a delay in indexing for the search? Is there a better way to make a multi-value field for search matching?

Hi Nadaleen!

When you note that “nothing appears in the search results” is this within the Preview section of your Swiftype dashboard, or where you have Swiftype search implemented on your site?

Any specific examples you can provide that we can test against will be helpful as well. Feel free to PM me. :slight_smile: