Possible to weight based on Category?


I have Swiftype implemented here: http://www.bmc.com/search/?label=all#stq=remedy

Problem: Search results with are not weighted correctly. Communities, Marketplace, and other tertiary content is outranking our primary site content. For Products/Solutions searches with exact product name, related pages are outranking the primary product pages.

Desired solution: I want to be able to weight categories based on which category it is. For instance, in this case, I want to promote any category = “productsSolutions”. See example of this type of content: https://snag.gy/l3Rtfo.jpg

So - is it possible to weight different categories? I know we can use custom metadata to achieve same results, but we are unable to implement that at this time and would prefer to weight based on existing category data.


Though it’s not currently possible to apply weighting based on a custom field value through the Dashboard, what you could do is add a custom meta tag that applies an importance value to those particular content templates.

For example, if there are 4 types of category content you’ll give the section that’s most important the highest value of 4:

<meta class="swiftype" name="boost" data-type="integer" content="4" />

You could then apply descending values based on importance, or even give only the most important section a boost value.

Once your engine index is updated (either by recrawling the content if a crawler based engine, or updating your document records for engines indexed via our API), the new custom field will be available in the Weights tab of the dashboard. Once you add the new field to the weights configuration, the value slider will allow you to affect the boost applied to the results score, surfacing the more important content ahead of the rest.

For more nuanced control over functional boost calculations you can make use of our Search API: https://swiftype.com/documentation/searching#functional_boosts