How can I make more popular content rank higher in my search results?

If you’re using our web crawler, you can use the popularity meta tag to set a popularity score. If you’re using our API or WordPress plugin, you’ll need to add a custom attribute to track the popularity.

Once you’re recording popularity, use a functional boost to adjust the ranking.

Using our search API, you can apply a linear boost to each matching result’s score:

curl -XGET '' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
      "engine_key": "YOUR_ENGINE_KEY",
      "q": "your query terms",
          "popularity": "linear"

This will multiply the score of every document by its popularity.

If you’re using our web crawler and our jQuery search library, you can add a linear functional boost like this:

  engineKey: "YOUR_ENGINE_KEY",
  resultContainingElement: "#your-result-div",
  functionalBoosts: {"page": {"popularity": "linear"}}

If you’re using our standard JavaScript embed, boosting can be configured by adding the popularity field to the Weights tab.