Using an enum in a Body-embedded data-attribute tag?

In attempting to index our web pages I’ve found the data-attribute tags to be invaluable as in our current CMS we lack some basic access to the backend and specifically can’t create dynamic meta tags within the head of our pages.

I see how to index most basic types of content such as text and strings using these tag attributes, but I am wondering what the approach could be for adding an image or other types of data-types that aren’t actually content within an html tag. Would I use an enum data-type? Is <div data-swiftype-content=""> a valid attribute?

Hey Brian,

Inline tags within standard container types are limited to extracting the content between those tags.

But you should be able to use the <meta class="swiftype" name="[field name]" data-type="[field type]" content="[field content]" /> syntax within the page <body></body> and see that it’s extracted.