What is the meta tag name='tags' used for?



I used this tag assuming that it will work like keywords but it doesnt. Your documentation doesnt say much on this type.

meta class=“swiftype” name=“tags” data-type=“string” content=“tag1”


Sorry for any confusion! The tags example is just a placeholder for any custom field you’d like to create when using the web crawler. For example, if a page includes the meta tag:

<meta class="swiftype" name="tags" data-type="string" content="tag1">

When that page is indexed it will have created a string field named ‘tags’ for that page result document that has a value of ‘tag1’.

Similarly, if that page had the meta tags:

<meta class="swiftype" name="keywords" data-type="string" content="keyword_1">
<meta class="swiftype" name="keywords" data-type="string" content="keyword_2">

The page that is indexed would include the custom field keywords, and hold the values keyword_1 & keyword_2.

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