What happens if I go over my plan's search limits?

Is my account restricted to a certain amount of site searches per month? If so does it mean that when the quota has been reached nobody can search the site?

Swiftype plans have different feature limits for aspects such as how many engines you can create, the total number of page documents that can be indexed, as well as the range of analytics data available.

Some of these limits (like the number of search engines & team member accounts that can be created) are managed automatically in the Swiftype Dashboard. For example, if you’re signed in to a legacy Free plan, you won’t be able to create more than one search engine.

Other limits, like the number of page result documents, or search volume, are soft limits. You will receive alert notifications in the Swiftype dashboard that will let you know when you’ve reached these limits. If your account is in excess of your plan’s feature allotment for a significant period of time, we will encourage you to upgrade to a plan that meets your usage requirements.

More specifically, you will not lose functionality of your search engine without first receiving direct contact from a Swiftype team member.