How can I use meta tags to index special characters like quotation marks?



In order to index special characters with meta tags, you’ll want to ensure the content attribute value of your tags are escaped.

More specifically, to set a custom title with a quotation mark in it, you’ll need to make sure the quotation marks are escaped as HTML entities.

For example, a title like:

This is a "title"

Would be properly represented by a meta tag value such as:

<meta class="swiftype" name="title" data-type="string" content="This is a &quot;title&quot;" >

The exact method will depend on the server side language you’re using. If you’re using PHP, you could use code like this:

<meta class="swiftype" name="title" data-type="string" content="<?php echo htmlentities($title); ?>" >

For Ruby on Rails, simply use <%= %> in your view, since Rails will escape HTML entities in the view by default:

<meta class="swiftype" name="title" data-type="string" content="<%= @title %>" >

Another approach to this example would be to use our in-line data attribute tags to annotate the part of the page you want to be the title:

<h1 data-swiftype-name="title" data-swiftype-type="string">This is a "title"</h1>